by Run On Sentence

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released July 15, 2014



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Run On Sentence Portland, Oregon


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Track Name: Albion
Well the days and nights they come and go but the hours stay the same... Dusklight comes a-calling for repentance. So i wait out in the dark night for some starboat to come and take me, but i always give up early and go dreaming of forgiveness. And in the morning it is granted by the pestering of dawn, i guess the sun sees something in my story. So the birds and I all bow before the dewdrops on the lawn and dance to the sound of the petals of the morning glory.
And when that pale horse comes to greet me, on fire like the sun, please don't worry. I will meet you in that tall grass growing out near Albion and the breeze will be blowing.

Well the wind it winds our nooses in a crystal white womb... as we wriggle through the deathlight, life weaves us back onto the loom. And there ain't no way to break it where it doesn't fall flat. All the kids down in the boathouse singing "this is where it's at".
When that starboat comes to take me up into the sun, please don't worry. I will meet you in that tall grass growing out near albion and the breeze will be blowing.

I'm almost already gone... i'm already almost gone....
Track Name: Magical Mirror
God is a magical mirror that you haven't looked into since you were a child. You don't want to. You're afraid. That's alright, so am i.
But here in the snow i can see that something special is happening underneath. God, i hope it's happening in me.

I know that love is a powerful beast and it can slay an army of doubt. If you feed it well and point it at yourself, love will never let you down.

Here in the snow, i can see that something special is happening underneath. God, i hope it's happening in me.
Track Name: Run To You
Watch the morning roll in, paint the hillside gold. Dust it glimmers in the din, seems to know i'm getting old. Days they pass me by, one by one unnoticed. The sparkle in my eye is faded and i'm all amiss. Feel the desert suck me dry, split my skin wide open. Ravens circle up on high, beg me "are you broken?" Thunder calls me out "where are you, old, black lightning?" I long to scream and shout, feel that dark grip tightening.
I will run to you, that we may rise up dancing. Bleed the lines with you, that they may flow with love again. Surrender all you know, let go of words unspoken. Beg the morning glow, render your heart unbroken.

And i wonder now and then, if i could do this all again, would i just lie and watch the wind blow through the grass instead of trying to find the words to make it last? Cuz i can never quite convey all the things i mean to say. My words are arrows taking aim upon the truth, that's all i've got, i guess the rest is up to you....
Track Name: Sparkle
Feathered black angels out in the concrete, picking at a possum. Watch them spread their wings and fly at the threat of an old pontiac. Knuckles buckle, turning white, clutching at the weight. Muscles move in the shape of my mind, rigid and tumultuous. Oh cold and damp disguise, tell me where you've been. Things got real and shattered and i spent the night in the yard again. Oh Mary don't you cry, you are not obsolete. They still bow before you on the lawn of the seven sisters.
Oh, my heart can't hold a steady beat trying to sync up with these city streets but in the sparkle of the moonlit snow, i hear the precious song of the letting go. Oh sweet pride please won't you cut me loose, i feel the deadly pull of your angry noose. Oh sweet life, please won't you let me in, i've been growing tired and i'm getting thin.

and the wind, oh, it blows...

And i say "Oh sweet pain, oh how your eyes have changed! They have grown soft and warm with every dream you've slain. Oh sweet breath, please won't you take me home? Show to me all i knew back before i was born. Oh sweet Death! I will not pray your leave! I will not turn my eyes from you that day when you come for me! Cuz in the sparkle of the moonlit snow, i see the stars above just as the stars below."

and the wind, oh, it blows....